Titanic Belfast

Posted by Brian T. Mullan on Mar 15, 2012 in Brian's Blog, General Blog

I really can’t wait for Titanic Belfast to open.  Having watched this BBC Preview of the inside of the massive Belfast tribute to the great Oceanliner and actually uttering the word WOW at the moment where the recreation of the grand staircase was revealed I can honestly say that this looks like one of those projects that could instill a bit of pride and joy being felt at describing myself as from Belfast!

Titanic Belfast – based by the Harland and Wolff Shipyards where the great ship was built is a great looking museum from the outside and I have held a little facination about Titanic since an old school project whene I we 8 years old.  Now I get to share this with Kate (7) and teach her about the tragic story of one of Belfasts great engineering feats.

Yes, she sank.  But she was stunning and the biggest ever and she was Made in Belfast.

Why not get along to see a bit of history?


No Facebook, No Cry

Posted by Brian T. Mullan on Mar 5, 2012 in Brian's Blog, General Blog

Well it’s the Second Sunday of Lent, which means I’ve denied myself the pleasure of logging into my Facebook account for a cool 12 days. So how am I doing? Well, I’m still alive, and well and I have to say not missing the all important status updates as much as I thought I would. That said the sometimes weekly updates from friends, sometimes daily, sometimes hourly, sometimes by the minute mundane “I’m going to make a sandwich now”, are mostly my way of keeping in touch with many friends and as such I look forward to April 8th to see what everyone’s been up to!

Observations of a world without Facebook:

1. You may not listen to music when you’re not on Facebook

It’s true – picture this, Ash Wednesday night and I get home from a tough night at the Youth Centre and all I want to do is chill and listen to some music (OK, I was actually trying to listen to songs from the Broadway Musical Shrek because I’d enjoyed my night so much at the youth centre). I click on Spotify to listen to the songs and hey presto I log in. 2 Minutes later I get a strange email – “Welcome back to Facebook!”.  Arrrghhh!!!  OK – so 1 day into Lent and I’m logging back into the FB – but just to re-de-activate my account! I even tried to create a new username and password, with a different email address – to which I get an email telling me I need to use this email address, register with the FB and then I can continue with my Spotify registration!  So now the FB owns my music streaming!


2. My friends don’t say “night night” anymore

It’s getting bad when you start your day and finish your day with the greeting you normally reserve for someone that your looking at – seriously guys, if a good morning greeting or nighty night farewell is something you do on the FB you’ve gone too far – you’ve crossed into the dark and there is no return – OK there is a return, you can stop doing it!

3. I’m SO out of the loop, and the Wife’s not going to help!

OK so I can’t surf the FB – it’s Lent – and I chose this so I don’t expect too much sympathy!  Shauna and I even discussed the rules – you know, the 1st rule of giving up the FB is you don’t talk about the FB!  It’d be kinda cheating if she was just sitting reading people’s status updates – I wanted to do this right – come on  – I’ve even deactivated my account (twice).  But I would consider a major event in someone’s life, which has been shared online, and of which my wife has read on the FB should be admissible as a non-cheating, non-FB fasting breech.  New rule – if it’s appropriate to congratulate or offer sympathy (and I don’t mean “…my sandwich was horrible” sympathy) – tell me!

4. Twitter is CHEATING – but with celebrities!

I said I was giving up the FB – I have, and cold turkey is well and truly over – but it may have been helped along by following the tweets of the rich and famous – I’ve gotten to know about so many famous people and what they do with their time (nothing but tweet it seems!) – in order to ease the guilt about the “cheat” I’m not really following friends etc but it’s a fun place and it keeps me entertained!  BTW famous people – you do realise that all you’re doing is encouraging the stalkers – especially when you tweet Good Morning or Night Night!  They think you’re TALKING TO THEM!!!

5. I don’t need to check-in at the Gym every morning – that’s not what was motivating me!

See I may have had some foolish notion that some one gave a damn and if I started checking in when I went to the gym then when I stopped I’d be challenged about it and so I’d be shamed back into going again – seems the desire to reduce my body mass was motivation enough to keep going!  Although, I just need to follow that through to my eating habits!

So there you go – observations on a week and a half without Facebook – now I should just admit that I’m secretly hoping that one of my friends (or Wife) shares this on the FB and thus I’ll have posted by proxy – and surely I couldn’t be held accountable for that – could I?

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